How to Setup MariaDB Galera Cluster on CentOS 7

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Sep 232014

MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.12 Stable has been released and available for production use. MariaDB is a relational database management system (RDBMS). Generally we use single node of database server for small application but think about application which have thousands of users keep online at a time, In that situation we need a structure which will capable to handle […]

Redis – Environment

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Sep 202014

Install Redis on Ubuntu To install the Redis on Ubuntu, go to terminal and type the following commands: $sudo apt-get update$sudo apt-get install redis-server This will install redis on your machine. Start Redis $redis-server Check if redis is working? $redis-cli This will open a redis prompt, as shown below: redis> In the above prompt […]

Redis – Overview

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Sep 202014

Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store and a serious solution for building high-performance, scalable web applications. Redis has three main peculiarities that set it apart from much of its competition: Redis holds its database entirely in memory, using the disk only for persistence. Redis has a relatively rich set of data types when […]