Nov 182015

Configure Apache for SSL HTTPS CentOS 6

Using Apache over HTTPS or SSL allows a slightly more secure setup, any computer that connects over ssl is automatically encrypted.

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Here’s the basic instructions:

Login to your server, and su to root

install modssl and openssl

The next Large step is to generate a self-signed certificate

create a Private Key


now you must generate the CSR, or Certificate Signing Request

Fill in all the necessary fields, this will be different for almost every scenario

Finally, Generate a Self-Signed Certificate for the Life of the Server, 365 days * 7 (allowing up to 7 years)

you should see signature OK

now copy the necessary files to the appropriate directories:

Now all we have to do is set-up Apache to use the certificates:


Edit the Apache SSL.conf

Comment Out Line 105, and add 106

now do the same for 113 and 114

### The following parameter does not need to be modified in case of a self-signed certificate. ### ### If you are using a real certificate, you may receive a certificate bundle. The bundle is added using the following parameters ### SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/ (reference below)

now restart apache

the webserver should now be able to use HTTPS.


That’s it!

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